Kyle Sinkule

// A B O U T //

Growing up with a boom box in his room, Kyle's formative years were embellished with the music from hero's like Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Matchbox 20, and Switchfoot. Based just north of Waco, TX, he's acquried a healthy left arm tan, navigating the US atop the worn out wheels of an '01 Dodge Grand Caravan. His aptitude for writing songs and learning new instruments has lead him to Nashville writing rooms, neon lit bars, and incense filled churches. After releasing his debut record, "Walk With Me" in 2016, Sinkule traveled the US sharing his version of confessional songwriting, drawing comparisons to Tom Petty and Mac Powell. Kyle is a cowboy for hire, trading in his rope and spurs for a guitar and mixing board.

When Kyle isn't on the stage or in his home studio, you might catch him enjoying a craft beer at a local brewery or scouting new talent for future projects.

Justin S.

// Avenue College Ministry //

Kyle’s the guy we trust most to handle our sound and lighting for big events with full bands and stage designs. Not only is he really good at what he does, he’s fun and easy to work with! He goes above and beyond to make sure everything is excellent.

Luke J.

// S P O O R //

Kyle is a skilled FOH engineer who is dedicated to his craft. He knows his stuff but is still humble and willing to work with you to achieve your sound. He has experience with small and large setups across a number of genres and venues.

Sam S.

// FBC Waco //

Kyle never just wants to be your front-of-house tech. He also wants to know you personally and be invested in your artistry however he can. If you are looking for a front-of-house tech who doesn't just get the job done skillfully, but does it it with class and personality, Kyle is your guy.



Projects I've worked on

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